03 September 2011

Dad's car[s]

OK, as an example of what I was talking about before in 'Welcome pt 2' / 'About' ...

Regrettably, my Dad is not here to tell his car stories. But, if you asked him "Hey John, what was your first car?" ,

his immediate answer would be the 1932 Chevrolet shown here.

But was it?   

The 32 Chevrolet was bought in 1943 by his father and mother. Now, Dad was only 13 ... License? We don't need no stinking license... [in fact, dad never bothered getting one until right before he entered Grad school, but thats another story] Grandpa walked to work most of the time, and Grandma didn't learn to drive until later in the decade, so Dad did most of the driving. He drove that car all over southeastern Oklahoma.
But then Dad would think for a minute most likely, and say,"Well, really I guess the answer would be a 36 Ford."

This is a picture of that car not too long after he got it, and before he had it painted. After which he traded for a 39 Ford Standard . He liked that car quite a bit - especially the hydraulic brakes - and even painted it a snazzy dark green metallic. He met my Mom in that car...

After telling a few stories about that car, Dad would then probably query "Now if you mean what was my first 'new' car, that would be the 55 Ford. [shoulda bought a Chevrolet that time fer sure Pops]

I know that's how the conversation would go, because we had it several times over the years. Whilst the 36 Ford was technically Dad's first car, he always considered the family's 32 Chevrolet as first, since he drove it the most and was the first car for which he had regular access and usage.
And the first NEW car always holds a special place in our memories too.
So "first car" may actually be a somewhat ambiguous term, with slightly different meanings to different people. Whatever it means to you, we're anxious to hear the story.

                                         Sure wish Dad were here to tell the stories himself.

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