05 September 2011

Equal time for Mom

My Mom grew up on a farm in southeastern Oklahoma. Of course, she wasn't "Mom' then, she was just Jean. And, I might add, my Dad insists she was actually a girl at one time; I don't know about that though. She's been a "mom" as long as I've known her...    ;)    Anyway, she began driving at a young age in a Ford pickup and a 8N tractor around the farm. And although she loathes them now, she actually became quite proficient using a clutch and manual transmission I am told. As she got into her teen years, she was occasionally allowed to drive the family car into town to run errands or take her grandparents somewhere. But she never got a car of her own. Said she never really needed one.

Mom, actually still just Jean at that point, graduated High School a year early and decided to start college during the summer semester. Whilst discussing amongst friends the possibilities of transportation back and forth to A&M, "Old Lady Blue" the town gossip who listened in on other people's conversations via party line, mentioned to her parents that she knew of a boy in a town a little ways away that was looking for people to pay for rides back and forth to school. Mom's dad didn't know the guy, or his parents, but knew someone that knew someone etc that said he was a good, responsible young man that was starting Graduate school and that his parents were 'salt of the earth'. Well, at least his mom was...His Dad, well, he was a bit of a local character, but still good as gold. Jean would be safe. Besides, there were 3 other kids already signed up. What could happen?
Mom's, oops, Jean's, ride showed up at the entrance to her house in a dark green 39 Ford Tudor.
 THATS what could happen. Anyway, Jean made up some story about getting carsick in the back seat, so, being the smallest statured person in the group, was assigned the middle of the front seat next to the driver. [Mom maintains the carsick story to this day - come on Mom, time to fess up. Dad married you fer cryin out loud. Give it up, we all know what's happenin...]

And if you read the post previous, you, dear reader, have already begun to add 2 and 2.
Fast forward a couple of years, and Mom STILL didn't have, or need a car. But after they got married, Dad gave the 55 Ford shown earlier to Mom to drive, and he bought a 40 Ford tudor as a beater.
One day whilst out and about, Mom and Dad, actually still just John and Jean at this point, drove by Fred Jones Ford in Tulsa. Mom saw the 57 Fairlane pictured here, and just went nuts. She thought it was beautiful.
 She knew nothing about the mechanical specifications, but she loved the colour combo, thought the interior was gorgeous, and most importantly, it had an automatic transmission  and had air conditioning! [it was a 292 V8 just for the record]
Dad wasn't quite as enamoured  as her, but being enamoured  WITH her, he bought the car for her right before her 21st birthday.

Of course, they didn't become "Mom and Dad" for another 3 years, but that 57 Ford was my Mom's first car.

They didn't end up keeping it too long, but that's another story. Mom was OK with the trade of her first car for a 58 Pontiac as she has never been TOO attached to cars. They tend to just be something to get her around, and she cannot understand my Dad's and my fascination with them. Especially old ones. Mom likes em big, using that carsick bit again, and new, with air conditioning and automatic transmission. GOTTA have that automatic and air...

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