15 September 2011

Fran's Ford

I met Fran when she made the mistake of taking a job at a company I had recently committed the same blunder with. She had to get this job, as she and her husband had just been financially obliterated by the single stroke of some moronic city commissioner's pen when the zoning of a parcel of land right next to the housing addition which Fran and Jim were developing was changed, making it nearly impossible for potential homeowners to obtain financing on the houses at a reasonable rate. Poor Fran had purchased a somewhat aged and high mile Dodge Coronet to get her around, and was striving diligently to keep it running well with all systems functioning. And by George, she was doing a pretty good job! Seeing her under the hood of the car in the parking lot one day, I went to see if I could help and an immediate friendship was formed. Fran is a pretty fair mechanic.
She knows about, successfully shows, breeds, trains and loves dogs. Especially Labradors. And rescue mutts. She trains horses. She builds incredible doll houses; and has been known to transport them great distances hanging out the back of an Alfa Romeo. A DARN GOOD carpenter, Fran is also an accomplished artist, with her work displayed in private collections and galleries throughout the Southwest. She writes poetry. Truly, a Renaissance Woman.
However, she is not given to verbosity in prose. Her email describing her first car is as follows, and I quote :
                               1936Ford sedan.   primer grey   (and I changed my own oil)

Hopefully, photos are forthcoming...   :)

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