07 September 2011

Note from Tony

Received this note from my friend Tony from England. Tony is one of the more interesting people you'll ever meet - been around the world 2 or 3 times, flew RC planes at the world championship on England's national team, worked at AMC Motorcycles for awhile [Matchless, Norton, Villiers etc] with Brian Slark, who is currently the curator of the Barber Museum, and bought his first motorbike, a Triumph Thunderbird [MLW293] , from Bernie Ecclestone. Yes, THAT Bernie Ecclestone.
Still flying and still riding, Tony currently prefers Ford station wagons as his 4 wheeled mount of choice, but recently purchased a new Triumph Bonneville ; a few weeks after his 79th birthday...
                                                                      Tony on his first Triumph

"Well John, my very first car was a 1956 Ford Prefect,which I bought in 1957 from Pride & Clark with about 3200 miles on it. It cost about 537 pounds sterling, I part exchanged my '57 Norton Dominator for it. As you most probably know it was a 4 door saloon, as we called them, had a 4 cyl.side valve engine with 3 forward and 1 reverse gears, called 100E,  vacuum wipers, which slowed down when you put your foot down! I think it might have been one of the first cars to have flasher turn signals. It even had a heater and a radio. The birds loved that! The registration  # was RXB 499.

After having it for about 6 months I smashed it up, had it repaired and then part exchanged it for a Lambretta scooter due to some ticket and insurance issues. Hope that helps out.
Cheers, Tony."
It sure does help Tony; Thanx!

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