12 September 2011

TeddyJackEddy's Goat

Just received this e-mail from a buddy -

Hey Johnboy,

Thought I’d send an entry for your blog. As we’ve discussed before, my first car was a 64 GTO. It was beautiful – turquoise inside and out, with a black vinyl top and American mags. It had a little rust in the trunk, and a poor repair to the right rear if you really looked, but it was absolutely beautiful to my eyes. The girls liked the color too.
A previous owner had dropped the Powerglide and replaced it with a Turbo 400, complete with a console and “His-n-Hers” shifter from a 67 [I think]. Other than that and the Pioneer SuperTuner and Jensen 6x9s in the package shelf, it was stock when I got it. And it was a little tired. The original 389 was using a little oil, and every time you slammed on the brakes, the car veered immediately 45 degrees to the right. Fortunately it didn’t turn left! Dad and I fixed the brakes pretty soon after I got it home. Well , as much as you can fix those manual drums that is…

I got the brilliant idea to build a Rat motor for it. That was an expensive lesson. I bought a used 427 from an old, wrecked Pepsi truck. Tore the engine down, started gathering parts as much as my job sacking groceries would allow, and took the block, heads and crank over to a machine shop off of Admiral and Garnett, whose name I can’t remember.
Anyway, after I got the stuff back from the machine shop and had gathered most of my ‘go fast’ parts, we started to assemble the engine. It was THEN that I learned of the differences between a tall deck “truck block” and the passenger car Mk IV…and back then, nobody made anything other than the stock, truck parts for those blocks. So I ended up with a basically useless, fresh longblock except for the cam and timing chain, and a bunch of parts that I had bought used like an Edelbrock intake, headers and such that wouldn’t fit.
After I finally sold a bunch of that stuff, at a great loss I might add, I found a pretty nice engine and transmission out of a 69 GTO that the guy had rolled and was parting out. We put those in the car and it was great. Won a few street races with it, and lost a few. The car crow hopped and spun the tires a lot – just couldn’t seem to put the power down. But it was great fun. Kept it for the next 3 years and sold it when I went into the Air Force. Sure wish I’d have kept that one. Will definitely have another when my lottery ticket gets picked!

As far as photos go, I lost all my photos in my first divorce. Or maybe my second ; after the third one the details all kind of start running together. I wouldn’t have them here with me anyway. Looks like I’ve got a pretty good connection today, so I’ll email  Mom and Dad and ask them to look and see if there’s any around home. OH, just remembered; it was the second one. Stacy wasn’t spiteful. Sandy was. 

Since I’m single again and have no children that I admit to, looks like I won’t get to come home for Christmas. Just found out that I got picked to stay and keep an eye on things. So I won’t see you all then. Take care.


TeddyJackEddy is the nom de plume of a friend. No, he's not THE Teddy Jack Eddy, its just that he sorta "goes" Teddy Jack Eddy sometimes. Well, actually lots of times. Basically most any time the sun goes down. Or if its the weekend. A globe trotting professional, well respected in his field, when he takes off his "serious business" hat , the inner Gary Busey comes to the fore. Or, as a mutual acquaintance once said, "The sun is just a different colour in his universe." Allegedly still wanted in 4 states for heinous and repeated violations of various vehicle and traffic codes/unpaid tickets, TeddyJack now resides and works in Costa Rica for the next couple of years after recently being expelled from Latvia. Presently operating with an Irish passport and driver's license, his current mounts are a new blue Chevy pickup and a Husqvarna TE 610. His thoroughly thrashed Chevy powered Healey languishes in a shed behind his folks' home in Bartlesville.

 Update - Sept 15 2011

 Just received an envelope containing two faded and delaminated Polaroids along with a short note from TeddyJack's mom  ----                         

"These are the only two pictures of Robert's car that I could find without some girl leaning on it. Hope it will help. Send them back when youre finished with them."

Sorta wish she had sent the others; I didn't know him then, but having been acquainted with him for the last 20 years or so, I bet those girls were cute!

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