05 October 2011

Mike's Impala

Mike over at Tulsa TV Memories sent this in about his first ride. And how cool is it that he still has it?!? Well, at least part of it... Be sure and check out his site for all things TV, Radio and movies in and about the Tulsa area. He has lots of other cool stuff too , including Mazeppa , Tulsa baseball, Tiki , MaHu, and Tulsa car dealers. La-a-awzeeeee...  

"In my first year at OU in 1971, I did some hitchhiking to and from Tulsa. Not too bright, but nothing bad happened to me despite the potential provocation of long hair. This practice worried my mom, and she prevailed upon my dad to pick up an old clunker for me to drive.

My new ride was a 1964 white 4-door Chevy Impala with one of the doors caved in (that's why it cost only $400.)

It got me all the way through college with very little mechanical trouble. All I have left of it is the rearview mirror which broke off at some point and was replaced. It currently resides in my bathroom drawer and serves its original function from time to time."
UPDATE  -  Mike just found and sent this picture of his first car, seen here in the Cross Center dorm parking lot at OU in the early 70's.                                         Thanks Mike!


  1. Interesting. I have no idea what year the VWs are, but every other car in the photo other than the subject 64 is a 68 as far as I can tell. Surely that must mean something... :)

  2. It means to me that I was not keeping with the Cross Center Joneses with my lowly '64.

  3. Actually, no. A 64 is way cooler than a 68.