01 October 2011

Tyler's Porsche


Just found your site. Thought I would post about my first car. Well, whats going to be my first car. I dont have it yet, but will soon.
My great uncle Thomas died a couple of weeks ago. I didnt know him well as he lived back in eastern Colorado. he had no wife or children, so my dad and aunt went back there to take care of his stuff. He lived on 120 acres in a trailer and had a bunch of cows. When my dad was going through all the stuff, he found one of the barns was full of old cars.
Mostly MGs and Jaguars dad said, and most of them had their engines out. But there is one old Porsche that still has all its parts in it and rolls. Dad said that its real complete, and since its a lot like a Volkswagen, it will be easy to work on. So Dad said I could have that car and he and I will rebuild it! It should be here in a month or so. I'm pumped!
These are all the pictures I have of it now. Theyre just crappy cel phone pics from inside the dark barn. But hopefully next year, you can see it cruising up 101 with me at the wheel!



What a first car! Hopefully Tyler will keep us apprised of his project's progress.

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