16 February 2012

Roger's Corvair

I was web surfing the other day looking at some automotive, but non 'first car' related content, when I happened onto The California Connection . It's a neat site, and just happened to have a great first car story about Roger's Corvair. I mean a GREAT story.  Well written and nicely illustrated, it is well worth the time to read . Adventure, accidents, roadtrips, racing and romance, it gives a fantastic glimpse into the times. Rather than trying to figure out how to slice up his flowing narrative, I asked Roger if it would be OK to include a link to the site and encourage you, dear reader, to peruse it on your own. He has graciously accepted my invitation to share his experiences, so consider yourself invited to click on the link and start reading. Begin with "Cars and Corvairs" and go from there. Be sure too, to look at his collection of vintage films/video and the "Photo of the Week". I'm sure you'll find it interesting, especially if you like rear mounted flat six engines...


  1. Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for the very nice comment on my blog! I appreciate it very much! (Did you give up on this blog? Just on vacation?)

    1. No, haven't given up - just waiting on your entry... ;) And your sister's. And your brother in law's. And my [alleged] best friend's. And Arild's. And any and everyone else in the developed world who wishes to share their story.
      YOU, of course, certainly have an excuse - you've been, um, rather , uh, 'busy and preoccupied' shall we say. But the rest, not so much!