21 April 2012

RoadRally circa 1958

Its no secret to those familiar with him that YrHmblHst likes old Corvettes. He also likes rallying. So when Craig over at Hover Motor Company tipped me off to this home movie of a Corvettes of Southern California Club rally from 1958, I just had to include a link/post here for y'all to see. I know its not 'first car' stuff, but it is well worth your time to watch if you're a car person, a recent history buff, or, quite frankly, a sociologist/anthropologist/political scientist. I'll not launch into a discussion of the relevance and my commentary to those last 3 disciplines here, as we're off subject already and you, dear reader, probably wouldn't care anyway, but watch the vid. If you're from SoCal, see if you can recognise any of the scenery. If you're an NCRS Concours type, take your blood pressure pill first...     ;)

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