13 September 2012

Brennan's 'Bird

OK...so, imagine it's 1981 and you're 16 years old, looking for a car. You've got a job after school and Saturdays making $3.35 an hour. What do you look for?
Well, if you're Brennan Cook, you talk your Mom into signing for a $2000 loan and you buy a 1970 Plymouth SuperBird.  In boxes.  Really.
Jesse at justacarguy tipped me to this, and it's just too cool not to share.

Read the story HERE . Well worth the time.


  1. Greetings All,
    I don't know if this will disqualify my story from the site but the Superbird was not actually my first car. In North Dakota anyone can get their driver's licence at age 14, which I did. So I had owned several cars prior to this one.
    Brennan R. Cook

  2. Absolutely does NOT disqualify the story! I inferred /assumed [and we all know what happens when one assumes...] from the post over at JustACarGuy that this was the first car; doesn't matter as the story is so enjoyable that it could have been the last car you bought and I would want to share it. Besides, it still 'fits' - it IS the first car of a particular kind that has become important to you.
    Thanks for checking out the site Mr Cook; and if you do get the urge to tell about the 'technically first car' , feel free! Beep Beep!