31 December 2012

Rod's Alfa

"After borrowing my Dad's old Ford LTD for a few years, I bought my own car...a dark green 1973 Alfa Spider. That car quickly had me seduced.
A couple of weeks after buying the car, I noticed some gooey grey stuff in the radiator...
Naturally I had broken my bank buying the car and had nothing left for buying parts or for paying anyone to work on it...An import auto parts shopkeeper connected me with an Italian immigrant who took pity on my plight. Raoul was an Alfa mechanic from the old country... He agreed to help and teach me... Raoul would never work on my car until we had eaten figs and each had a glass of homemade ouzo. Sometimes he would use big glasses...
 His favorite tools for degreasing were an old frying pan full of gasoline and a parts brush. One "big glass" Saturday, he rested the frying pan on the battery posts... My car and Raoul's eyebrows were immediately on fire. Fortunately, the garden hose was handy and I quickly extinguished the flames..."

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