31 December 2012

Steve's first Alfa

Steve shared this story of his first Alfa Romeo with members of his local Alfa Club as reproduced here. Steve has become quite the lifelong Alfisti, owning several, winning numerous local, regional and even National Concours, plus publishing a book on Alfa Romeo restoration. His story about getting to America is quite the intriguing tale, but for now we'll just talk about his First Alfa.

"An Alfa owner lived in the same building as my family in Hungary. I was about twelve at the time and the Alfa was a red Giulietta Spider Veloce. The owner always parked it on our wider sidewalk against the wall of the protruding building next door. In this little domain, he did all his repairs, including a complete engine overhaul...
He hauled buckets of water from inside the building to wash his car and I helped carry the water. Every time he was working on the Spider, I was there to watch or help - handing him a wrench or looking for a lost screw. My perseverance paid off because I got to go on the test drives. One time we went on a longer trip and he taught me how to drive. I learned a lot from this guy, but most of all I learned to love the marque Alfa Romeo.
I finally arrived in the United States in 1969. Two years later I bought my first Alfa - a brand new 1971 Berlina from Chris Nikel."

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