31 December 2012

Trent's Spider

It's Alfa Romeo week here at My First Car... 
This from Trent who has PROMISED photos... A fun story made better by the fact that Trent STILL OWNS the car! He says it's a bit 'down at the mouth' right now, the two plus decades having taken their toll, but a little TLC is in the works, as soon as he finishes his Citroen.

"I was in the market for my first car. As every fifteen-year-old kid knows, this is a life altering decision... The deadline was the second day of November, the day I could finally drive my own car to school, ergo out to lunch. It was the middle of October. I had the money but was almost out of time...
One beautiful Sunday morning, my father informed me that there was an Alfa Romeo for sale.
"What is an Alfa Romeo, Dad?" I asked innocently.
"It's a little Italian sports car" he replied.
That told me a lot. I needed visual recognition, not verbal. It was time to go look at it.
The fading mustard yellow color, the black canvas top, the alloy wheels were exactly what I needed! We [my Dad driving since I didn't have a license] took the car out for a test drive, with the top down of course, on that beautiful October morning. The birds were chirping, people were staring and I knew that this was the car for me... I bought the car.
Until I got my license, I was driven around in my own car by members of my family. My brother absolutely loved driving that car; Of course I thought he was going to kill it before I could get my hands on the wheel... My sister just crammed me into the backseat [??] and drove her friends around in MY car!"

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