01 June 2013

Kathryn's Jeep

WHO?       Katey
WHAT?     Jeep
WHEN?     right now
WHERE?   beside the barn
WHY?       "cuzza Daddy"!  :)

The first page of this post was part of a plan to surprise a good friend's daughter with her first car. She had been wanting a yellow Jeep for awhile, and Dad finally found a suitable candidate several weeks ago. 20 straight Principal's Honour Roll appearances seemed to indicate to Mom and Dad that Katey was working towards her goal, and was showing the maturity and responsibility necessary to own and drive the car she  really wanted. So Dad arranged the purchase.
 Below is a photo of the Jeep when he brought it home -
 Being a Certified Car Nut tho, Dad couldnt leave it alone, even if it was fine as is. He just can't help himself... And besides, it was for his 'Precious Angel'... Within 48 hours of acquiring the Jeep, it looked like this-
          A couple of weeks later, it was ready for Kate and was stashed beside the barn for her to find.

Once Katey is finished with finals and the family vacation, she plans to update us and add her thoughts. And Dad may even fill in some of the back story if I can convince him to tap it out.

Congratulations Katey! Enjoy, and drive carefully out there. And STAY OFF THE PHONE!

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