12 September 2013

Bobby's Chevrolet

This just in from Bobby, via his grandson... Thanx Justin.

"My first car was a 47 Chevrolet. Certainly not the "coolest" car to be driving in 1957, and it wasn't very fast, but it was big and comfortable - half the High School baseball team could cram in it. And did!

When I got the car, it was like new and very low miles. The original owner was Mr Taylor, who owned the funeral home in the small Nebraska town where I grew up. Mr Taylor had ordered a new "family car" for his business right after the war, but due to shortages and such, didn't receive it until the 47 models came out. When he decided to get a new Cadillac in 1957, my dad suggested that I buy the Chevrolet. This was NOT what I had in mind for my first car! But it was just like new and had very low miles, so I was getting an almost new, 10 year old car, for less than 10% the cost of a brand new one. At least that was my dad's reasoning...
That car became the "unofficial bus" for out of town baseball games when I was in high school - half the guys would cram into it and off we'd go. MUCH more fun than riding a school bus! Lots of room for double dating too. Not all kids had a car when I grew up, so I quickly became a pretty popular guy to go on double dates with! Must've been my stellar personality...
My friends John and Kenny and I took that car all over southeast Nebraska during our high school years. The fact that it was a funeral car didn't bother us at all. We just drove around. We took it hunting. We took it fishing. We went to ball games in it. Two of us had our first dates with the girls we eventually married in it. We took the back seat out and hauled hay for John's horse in it. We got so stuck in it pheasant hunting, that we had to walk out and borrow a tractor to pull it out more than once. But through it all, it never once let me down.
I took the car to college, where it continued to give reliable, if somewhat less than stylish, service. But one Friday afternoon as I was going to my part time job at the glass shop, some drunk driving a dump truck ran into the car, totalling it. He, of course, had no insurance. But, the construction company that had contracted him stepped up and paid me what the car was worth. At least what some "book" said it was worth - they couldn't pay nearly what that car was worth to me for all the good times and great memories it provided!"


  1. My Grandfather ordered a new Ford in '46 when he got out of the Army and didn't get his car until '47 also. Waited 18 months after being told there was a 6 month wait list.


  2. Book value is nothing; being a victim of several not at fault collisions, the sentimental value is priceless. I lost my deceased father's Cadillac DeVille to a damned drunk driver ...