18 September 2013

Justin's Nova

"Here's a picture of my Nova when my dad brought it home. Its all apart now, but I'm working on that!

My dad got the car from a guy he works with. The guy had been in an accident on the way home from the drag races one night, and wrecked the front end. The other guy that caused the accident fortunately had insurance, so they paid for the car and let him keep the remains. He took the engine and transmission out, and put it in another car. He was telling my dad about it at work one day and said that he thought he would just sell the car for scrap. Dad offered him $500 if he would leave the wheels on it - he thought it would make a good first car for me, and I agree! The owner, Mr Nichols, thought so too, so they made the deal. Before he brought it home, my dad found a front end for the car and bolted it on, so it would at least sorta look like a car for when my mom saw it!
The front end is back off of it now while we work on restoring it. Dad said that this would be a good project for us to work on together. Sure seems like I'm doing most of the work though... :)  I have the engine area looking pretty good, and we have installed new ball joints and tie rods, as well as subframe and body bushings. I've been sanding on the body, and we plan to fix the rust over the winter. I want to paint it Marina Blue, and leave the black interior mostly stock. We plan to build a "warmed over" 350 engine and a Turbo 350 transmission for it. Hopefully, it will be ready by the time I can get my license here in 14 months, 3 weeks, 4 days and about 7 hours. Not that I'm counting or anything!"

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