31 October 2013

Driller's Mustang

This just in from John over at Driller's Place. Really appreciate his chiming in here ; he has been kind enough to comment several times over on Restless Ribbon. Be sure and check his blog for some great photography and inspiration...

"I acquired my initial driving skills in a '38 Chevy 2 dr sedan at the Tulsa Fair Grounds in 1961-62.  It was a straight six with a three speed in the floor.  Soon after I got my license dad bought a '54 Buick Century Special 2dr.  He figured that if I did have a wreck, whoever hit me would regret it.  That Buick was little more than a WWII surplus tank with a chromed cow-catcher from a steam locomotive for a grille...but it was fun to drive.  Since dad worked evening shifts, we shared the Buick most of the time.  It wasn't until I came home from Viet Nam in 1968 that I bought my first car that was all my own.  It was a metallic blue '67 Mustang hardtop with a 302 and "four on the floor".  I honestly don't believe any photos of that car are available.  I painted the rims a metallic silver, then added chrome glamor rings and baby moons.  I loved that Mustang...until I traded it for a 1971, fire-engine red, Datsun 240Z.  That's right, a first generation Z-car.  To this day that little Z is my all time favorite ride." 

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