27 February 2014

One Owner Mustang

My buddy Jesse over at Just A Car Guy sent this over to me. Now, we don't know if this is actually her first car or not, because, did he think to ask such an important question or give her this website? Nooooo.... In all fairness though, he was pretty blown away, and she was in kind of a hurry.  But this is simply too cool  not to share.

"Plug your ears, close your mouth, and pinch your nose man.... this might blow your mind...
As I was pulling into the post office parking lot at the Grossmont shopping center a couple of days ago, I spied this nice looking old Mustang parked the next row over. Well, being 'Just A Car Guy' , I naturally began walking towards it. I then noticed a woman angling towards it herself . As I got closer, she opened the door to the car, so I swooped in, naturally amazed that a woman in her 60's was driving a non air conditioned vintage Mustang in the middle of the week in San Diego with the mercury reaching the mid 80s. So I ask her about it and I am absolutely astounded!

This woman is the original owner of her Mustang... its been hers since...  since... her high school graduation! It was her present from her parents! How flippin awesome! She's still driving it! Seriously, how rare is it to find an original owner of a 60's car?!?! And one who still drives it for fun!?! Now factor in the high school graduation aspect, and I bet this is a one of a kind!

Can you believe it?!?
She was very nice and we talked for just a minute or two. I was so stoked, I didn't get any real good pictures of the car, just remembering to flip out the phone as she was pulling out and driving away."

How cool is that? Thanx for sharing Jesse.

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