08 May 2014

Saying Goodbye ; Lindsey's Jeep

"Yesterday my mother called me to deliver the sad news that they were officially getting rid of my very first car. Just after I turned 17 years old my parents got me a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee deluxe and it was everything I ever could have wanted. My oldest brother had always driven a Jeep, my sister drove a Jeep, and my other brother drove a Jeep. To say that my family loves Jeeps is an understatement. My Jeep had character. We got her from my neighbor who was going to get rid of it because the undercarriage was rusted. My dad happily bought it off of her instead and then sent it to our mechanic for proper fixes. It was then that I christened her with the name Piper due to her faulty pipes.
Piper 1
I would like to believe that Piper and I lived a great life together. Although she was not always the most reliable – often breaking down or having random parts just fall off, I still loved her. I can honestly say that I was spoiled with Piper. My parents got me a beach parking pass so each summer Piper would be scattered with sand wedged into the carpet and the sunshine would heat up the leather seats to the point of pain when I would sit down only wearing my bathing suit. I drove Piper to school every day my senior year and people knew which car was mine. In a small town it’s great when everyone knows what kind of car you drive because you’ll always have people waving to you and letting you pull out into traffic. To top it off my Jeep was purple and I had a Hawaiian lei hanging from my rearview mirror which was a good indicator that I was the one driving as well.
Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 3.11.19 PM
I have so many memories with my car. I remember the first time I drove it I went right to my boyfriend’s house at the time to show off how excited I was. I remember driving to visit my best friend at her school in Maine multiple times last year. I remember the ice cream trips, the donut trips, the shopping trips, the long drives with no real destination in mind… One of my favorite memories was when I was driving my friend Jack home from school after we had stayed after late into the night with our theatre group. It had snowed in the afternoon and then the temperature dropped really low so my car was covered in ice. Jack offered to clean my car off while I heated it up and the first window he went to clean off completely shattered at the first touch. I remember how bad he felt but I just laughed so hard. A couple months later on the last day of senior year that same Jack went around the senior parking lot writing on everyone’s car windows. Except for my car. He chose to write “YOLO” on the hood of my car and only afterwards did he read the instructions on the window paint deliberately saying not to write on the car’s paint. Needless to say it was more than a month before my dad and brother finally had to wax “YOLO” off of my hood.
Piper 2

I am so happy to have had Piper as my very first car. It was always an adventure getting me from point A to point B. I am happy to have so many memories with my  first car and to have had so many incredible conversations and adventures thanks to her. I’ll forever be impressed with how many people I could squish in the back seat, how long it would last with the gas light on, the check engine light never actually being of that much significant concern to my family, and so much more. Thanks for being so amazing Piper. While we already have plans to replace you with a 2004 Jeep Liberty, you will never fully be replaced."
Piper 3 

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Piper. Looking forward to reading about the next Jeep on Lindseyshak.com !

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