13 September 2014

Ahmad's BMW

Here is a story about a little car kid, and a car.
This is a one-of-a kind 2003 BMW E46 M3 Individual Cabriolet, SMG, Velvet blue, crème white interior.

It all began when we moved from Saudi Arabia to Bahrain 5 years ago. I was already a BMW fanboy because we had a 2000 E46 328ci. Anyways my father was a petrolhead, so was I. Like father like son? lol. anyways.. an E46 M3 was my dad's dream car.. he always said that if he found a unique one. he would buy it and then never buy another fancy car again. One day. I was at home and my dad was at work as ususal, and I got completely shocked when he sent me an e-mail of a couple of pictures of it. I asked him "what is this???" he said "wait for it. its a surprise." I thought that he met someone who will give me a ride in it or something. but he didn't say a word except for that. I didn't think he bought it because he would always take me whenever he's buying a new car and take my opinion whether he should buy it or not. and if I didn't like it he wouldn't buy it. but it guess he knew that I would fall in love with this one lol.. anyways he called me and told me to meet him at the door. when I got out. I see a beautiful Blue-ish or violet-ish convertible and he was standing next to it. I froze at my position looking at it. I never saw an E46 personally except once when I was a kid. it was a silver coupe. anyways I got in it thinking I was in a dream.. and he took me for a ride.. the sound.. the acceleration.. the response.. I could go on and on.. it was just unbelievable.. and for a car that is almost 7 or 8 years old... the torque was soo intense although it was stock.. anyways... a lot of memories happened with that car in those 5 years... I remember the time when he was joking telling me that he sold it. I went to a room and cried lol.. anyways.. I was always telling everyone that my dad has this super rare bmw and that he's gonna give it to me one day.. they all laughed and me.. a year ago, when I got into high school. he finally decided to give it to me.. It was garage kept so he had another car, and I got in an accident in my car (2007 MINI Cooper S) so I didn't have a car to go to school with, anyways. I was the coolest kid ever. I even used to get girls around it hahaha.. and everytime the school day finished and everyone is going home.. I see a lot of guys looking at me walking to it and getting in it.. and I could always hear someone saying "what a lucky bastard." haha. well. after the school year ended, summer break started.. My dad decided he wants his M3 back lol. so he bought me a new car (which was my second dream car) and that was a 2011 WRB Subaru Impreza WRX STI Hatch. when my dad told me he bought it, he said that he made the final decision and he's going to sell the M3. Of course I didn't wanted to. but it was getting old and some of the parts needed replacing, and I thought hey, maybe hes gonna buy a 2015 M4? anyways, I wanted a last day with it to say goodbye to her. I was cruising around with my cousin in the backseat around 1-2am.. the roads were empty. music in the background. I was so happy thinking this is gonna be a perfect summer. I spoke too soon.. well, I slowed down for a speed bump, when suddenly my cousin says: AHMAD LOOK OUT! I look at the rear view seeing lights soo fast, I stepped on the gas and turned left hoping to avoid him, too late.. it happened so quick that I didn't realize what happened.. the monitor came out of the unit, the gear knob flew and got under the glovebox, and a cd from the monitor came out under my foot! I got out, shocked, I didn't even care about the guy who hit me, I looked at Ellie, 5 seconds later, it hit me.. I got rear ended by a rented Hyundai accent going over 180kmh.. tears in my eyes, sat on the sidewalk looking at it my body shaking. I called my dad to let him know and I couldn't even speak. anyways.. none of us got hurt, however Ellie (the M3) died. the guy who crashed me got a new replacement accent. and i still seeing him going crazy fast.. well, till this day its parked on a lot, abandoned, every time I pass by it, my heart hurts.

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