16 September 2014

Becky's Monte Carlo

So...my friend Becky emailed me about selling her Mustang the other day. We 'discussed' the car a bit, and I reminded her that she had, um, er, 'forgotten' to write a post about her first car. [as has Mike...] She wrote back ---
"As far as writing about “My First Car”, I don’t necessarily know that anyone would want to read about my first car – HA! It was a 1973 hand-me-down Monte Carlo that my dad put glass-pack mufflers on because he thought it sounded “cool” when they went POP!POP!POP! as I let off of the accelerator.
My Monte Carlo was a terrible, flat butterscotch color. It had a 1/2 vinyl top in black and black interior/black cloth seats. (Bench front seat, not the bucket kind that swiveled.) Oh! Let’s not forget that it had an 8-track player in it too...   :)
There was a leak around the passenger window, so when it rained the front passenger floorboard would fill with water. I kept a large plastic cup in my car to bail the water out – seriously! Also, the back floorboard was rusted out, and any passengers that I had riding with me had to be careful where they stepped...carpet was the only thing between them and the ground...and none of us girls wanted to look like we were driving around in a “Fred Flintstone Car”, pedaled by our feet... All true...I am not exaggerating! (On the flip side of this, my friend Shelli drove a 2-seat Fiat convertible, so her car was the car of choice when we went cruising in Miami; and I was riding in her car when she introduced me to Mike in May 1986.)"

Sneaky way for me to get a new post, huh?   :)


  1. Great post, John - LOVE it!! Who would have thought that after all these years my poor, old Monte Carlo would be featured in a blog post?? :)

  2. See, I told ya worldwide fame was merely a few keystrokes away... :)