My First Car is, amazingly enough, a place to tell the story of your first car. For those fortunate enough to own automobile[s] , that first one usually holds a special place in our hearts and minds. That first car usually meant freedom and adventure, as well as the responsibility that goes with it. Suddenly, once you had a car, you were mobile and able to mostly go when and where you pleased. The world was your oyster.
Lots of things happened in, and because of, that first car. Some were great, some not so much, but all worked together to form the tapestry of who we are as individuals, and usually hold a lot of fond memories. So please , get the keys, unlock the door to your memory, sit down, turn on the ignition, fire it up and let roll the narrative of your experiences with that first car.
Because, like Nancy says, "All the other cool kids are doing it..."

Addendum -

Whilst soliciting entries for this site from a few friends, I encountered a recurring theme / objection. It went something like "Aw man... do I HAVE to write about my first car? That thing was junk ; I hated it. You know my first car was a brown Rambler wagon [insert Morris Minor for my friends in England and Holden FJ for those 'Down Under' ]that I inherited when my Great Aunt Edna passed away. It never let me down [delete that comment for the Morris owners] , but I only kept it long enough to get me to my after school job until I could save up enough for a real car. Why can't we talk about that one?"

Fair enough. While I did talk to one particular young woman who hated her first car enough to want to vent about it - and the story is pretty humourous if she'll just post - to those who have no affection for their "technically" first car, but loved the next one, or even the next, we'll expand the "rules" to include those. Or, if it will help, we'll revise things even further to your "first" of a particular make or model of vehicle that you have loved throughout the years. Hey, if you're hardcore and really could care less about street cars, send in your first RACECAR story and photos. That'll do nicely.
As an aside, I do have a friend whose first car actually WAS a racecar ; purchased before he could legally drive on the streets. He didn't even own a street car until he was in Grad school, using a Bultaco Metralla as transportation year round. In Virginia. But don't hold your breath for that story; I've been after him for five years just to get a copy of the photos of that car for myself...